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At A Glance: Discover how your small business can make a big impact by sponsoring Kids In Crisis. Learn about our Business Sponsorship Opportunities and the mutual benefits of sponsorship, from tax advantages to enhanced brand visibility, and explore diverse opportunities, including supporting youth programs, LGBTQ+ initiatives, and emergency shelters. Join us in making a difference! 


1. How Sponsoring Kids In Crisis Can Benefit Your Business

When you consider becoming a corporate sponsor for Kids In Crisis, you’re not just helping us; you’re also boosting your own business in several important ways:

  • Tax Benefits: As a small business, any donation you make to Kids In Crisis, a registered charity, can be a tax write-off. This means you save money while doing good.
  • Boost Your Reputation: People love businesses that help make the world a better place. By sponsoring Kids In Crisis, you show that you care, which can attract more customers. Many customers prefer buying from businesses that support good causes.
  • Increase Your Visibility: Teaming up with Kids In Crisis puts your business in the spotlight. Our supporters and the community will learn about your business, helping you reach new customers.
  • Engage Your Employees: Employees feel proud to work for a socially responsible company. This leads to happier employees and less turnover, saving you the cost of hiring new people.

Understanding these benefits helps you see the value of partnering with us. It’s not just about giving; it’s also about growing together.


2. Finding the Right Business Sponsors for Kids In Crisis

Instead of reaching out to every business in Fairfield County, we want to partner with companies that are just the right fit for Kids In Crisis. Here’s what to consider:

  • Your Business Field: Is your business related to what we do? For example, if you’re in healthcare or education, supporting our TeenTalk or Lighthouse programs would align with your field.
  • Shared Values: If your business believes in community support or helping youth, we’re on the same page! This shared belief will make our partnership stronger. This Forbes article from 2023 talks about just that!
  • Past Sponsorships: Even if you’ve never sponsored a charity before, that’s okay. But if you have, it shows you’re open to supporting causes like ours.
  • Connections to Our Supporters: Maybe some of our supporters work at your business or are your customers. This existing connection can make these business sponsorship opportunities even more meaningful.


3. Different Business Sponsorship Opportunities to Consider with Kids In Crisis

As a potential sponsor for Kids In Crisis, you have a variety of ways to contribute. Each option not only supports our critical work but also aligns with different business interests and values:

  • TeenTalk Sponsor: Your sponsorship can support school youth programs, focusing on essential topics like mental health, social skills, and resilience. This is a great opportunity if your business is related to education, youth development, or health.
  • SafeHaven Supporter: By funding SafeHaven, our temporary shelter program, you’ll provide a safe haven for babies, children, and teens during times of crisis. This sponsorship is ideal for businesses passionate about child welfare and safety.
  • Lighthouse – LGBTQ+ Support: Sponsoring our peer-to-peer social support program for LGBTQ+ youth and their allies shows your commitment to inclusivity and mental health support for young people. It’s a powerful way to demonstrate your business’s values of diversity and inclusion.
  • 24-Hour HelpLine Sponsor: Supporting our around-the-clock HelpLine means you’re directly contributing to immediate assistance for children and families in crisis. This is a critical service and a vital sponsorship opportunity.
  • Holiday Central Toy Giveaway: Sponsor our annual toy giveaway event to bring joy and warmth to children during the holiday season. This event is perfect for businesses looking to make a direct, positive impact on children’s lives during a special time of the year.
  • Employee Engagement in Volunteer Events: Encourage your team to get involved in our volunteer events. This supports our cause, boosts team morale, and creates a sense of community within your business.
  • Gala Sponsorships: In addition to our program sponsorships, consider the unique opportunity of Gala Sponsorship. As a sponsor for the Kids In Crisis Gala, your business will enjoy exceptional advertising and visibility benefits, showcasing your brand to a wide, engaged audience and demonstrating your commitment to our community.


By sponsoring one or more of these programs, your business directly contributes to the well-being of children and families in need while aligning your brand with these noble causes. Each business sponsorship opportunity offers unique benefits, allowing your business to find the perfect fit for its corporate social responsibility goals.


Contact Kara O’Connor at (203) 622-6556 or for all inquiries regarding each of our business sponsorship opportunities.


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