TeenTalk Youth Mental Health

This week, our Executive Director, Shari Shapiro, participated in a fantastic radio interview on the “Melissa in the Morning” show, broadcasted on WICC 600 AM and 107.3 FM. The discussion centered on the recent TeenTalk mid-year report, a key initiative of Kids in Crisis, which currently serves numerous middle and high schools across Fairfield County. This report is a pivotal part of our TeenTalk Youth Mental Health program, revealing significant findings, including a marked increase in counseling requests and insights into who is seeking these services most frequently.


Click Here to Listen to Shari’s Radio Show!


The interview provided an excellent platform to highlight the critical need for youth mental health awareness and to showcase the daily impactful work our TeenTalk counselors perform. Following the positive reception of Shari’s appearance, she has been invited to return for monthly interviews, offering ongoing opportunities to promote the importance of mental health support for young people under the TeenTalk Youth Mental Health initiative.

For those interested in learning more about TeenTalk Youth Mental Health and the topics discussed, the interview is available at the link below. We encourage our community to listen and share the link on social media to further support youth mental health awareness.


Click Here to Listen to Shari’s Radio Show!


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