A Retail Partnership with Kids In Crisis


In today’s world, retail companies face intense competition and are constantly seeking ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One way to do this is to adopt nonprofit fundraising programs on behalf of their customers.

For 45 years, Kids in Crisis has been building a legacy of aligning with local residents’ values by providing essential support and services to children and families in need. In many ways, Kids In Crisis is the heart of Fairfield County. Your retail company can consider a retail partnership with Kids In Crisis, showing the power of community-focused action and the importance of supporting causes that reflect our community’s values.

Work with Kids In Crisis to develop a cause marketing campaign that promotes your product or service and our partnership. We have a proven track record of helping boost sales and increase retail traffic leading up to the holidays, at Giving Tuesday… or any time of the year. We will promote your business when you set aside a portion of your sales or offer your customers an opportunity to donate.

The Research

Recent research has underscored the importance of personal values in consumer behavior. A notable number of U.S. adults prefer brands that mirror their beliefs and principles. A study by Ipsos revealed that about 70% of respondents either strongly or somewhat agree that their purchasing decisions are influenced by whether a brand reflects their personal values.

The Ipsos data indicates that a substantial portion of consumers have taken action because a company does not reflect their values. Within just the past three months, almost one-quarter (23%) said they had stopped using a company’s products or services due to its stance on a particular issue. 

Check out the full survey results here!

How This Strategy Drives Sales

The importance of retailers’ fundraising strategy cannot be overstated. First and foremost, it’s an excellent way to give back to the community and to support a charitable cause. This is particularly important in today’s socially conscious world, where consumers are looking for businesses that are making a positive impact in the world and their own local community. By offering fundraising programs, retailers can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and community involvement, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

In addition, offering a retail partnership with Kids In Crisis can increase retailers’ sales. Studies like the one above show that customers are more likely to purchase from businesses supporting charitable causes. By partnering with Kids In Crisis and highlighting our cause, retailers can attract customers who are passionate about the mission and willing to support it through their purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, a retail partnership with Kids In Crisis can improve and highlight a company’s reputation. By supporting Kids In Crisis, retailers can gain positive publicity and recognition for their charitable efforts through earned media. This can enhance the company’s brand image and reputation, increasing customer loyalty and trust.

How to Start A Retail Partnership with Kids In Crisis

Contact us at development@kidsincrisis.org to receive a packet on what makes a successful holiday campaign or to set up a call for more information.

Kids in Crisis is more than just an organization; it partners with many companies who share our values of promoting the greater good in Fairfield County. As they continue their vital work in Fairfield County, they remind us of the power of unity and the impact we can make when our actions align with our values.

Win-Win Scenario

Adopting a retail partnership with Kids In Crisis on behalf of your customers is an important strategy for retailers to consider. By supporting Kids In Crisis, retailers can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and community involvement while increasing sales, improving their reputation, following a clear plan of action, and promoting the program to customers, especially around the holidays, GivingTuesday, or any time of the year. You can successfully implement a fundraising program that benefits your business and Kids In Crisis, while gaining customers’ loyalty. It’s a win-win scenario.



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