January 7, 2021

Sadly our country witnessed an assault on our nation’s democratic institutions, established processes, and the rule of law. These cornerstones of government sustain our democracy, yet we are reminded that they are fragile, even in this, the world’s oldest constitutional democracy.

Regardless of our backgrounds, political affiliations, or personal ideologies, it is incumbent upon all of us to condemn these acts of violence. It is our role to speak out in support of our nation’s democratic institutions and values — the same values that inspire us to do the work we do every day, with and on behalf of children and families.

In this time of uncertainty, each of us must play a role in helping to repair our frayed democracy — and by being kind, caring and respectful of each other despite our differing beliefs and opinions.  It is our collective responsibility to model compassion for our children.

Together our vision –a community where all children are safe and happy, and our mission—building healthy communities where children and families thrive, have never been more important.  Our Kids In Crisis family will continue to be here as a safe place and a resource for all children.

Thank you for all that you do for our children and our community.  I am humbled to be on this journey with all of you.

With Hopes for Brighter Tomorrows,

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