To my Kids In Crisis family,

I am so sad. There are no words to describe the hatred filled act that stole the life of George Floyd. This senseless act makes me angry and I know you are angry as well. It is this senseless murder and sadly much more. It is the bigotry and hatred that exists in our country every day and everywhere.

Racism and bigotry cannot and will NOT be tolerated. We MUST stand together for what we believe. We are fighting two public health crises simultaneously…COVID-19 and the historic pandemic called racism. Thoughts and prayers don’t mean anything without ACTION. We must be the voice of reason and the advocates for change.

I chose the work that I do and the people I work with because I believe it is our duty and our responsibility to speak out against injustice. Racism is destroying the foundation of our country and our soul. It is impacting each and every one of us, our friends, co-workers, family, people we know and love and people we haven’t met yet and if we don’t stand up and face it head on we can’t expect change to happen only more hatred, more loss of life and more sadness and fear.

I commit to you that Kids In Crisis will continue to be a voice for all people and that as an organization we recognize, believe and will continue to work together to stop this deadly disease. I pledge to you that Kids In Crisis will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure that justice and equality prevail in our backyards, our towns and beyond.

Please take a moment and look in the mirror because the person looking back at you can make a difference. TOGETHER we can and will continue to stand up for equality. We cannot allow George Floyd’s life to be taken in vain. His life mattered!

With Hope,


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