Plan together. Asking children to help you with even small decisions like, “Should we go to the market before lunch or after lunch?” helps empower them, and when they feel powerful, there’s less urge to misbehave.

Keep to a routine. School may be out for the summer, but kids still thrive best when they know what to expect, so keeping wake-up, meal, and sleep times consistent will help regulate the day. It might even help to designate times of the day that they play outside or read quietly.

Get out! Kids naturally have energy to burn, so make sure they get outdoors and stay active taking long walks, swimming, hiking, playing soccer, and exploring in nature.

Limit screen time. Summertime may mean more hours to fill up in the day, but that doesn’t mean kids should spend more time staring at their devices. Encourage kids to look up and explore, discover new talents and hobbies, and enjoy physical activity.

You need fun too! Don’t forget you’ve been looking forward to summer all year too. You definitely deserve some fun, so book a sitter and get together with friends or plan an outing with your spouse — it’s critical for your well-being, which results in better care for your child.

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